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  • m100


    M100 – Rapid mixer is a batch mixer for 100 liters ready mixed material. 
    Perfect for most types of plaster, mortar, and concrete and self-leveling floor screed etc. By a high speed and the twisted wings the mixing effect is very high.  This mixer can be used separately or together with  our pumps P50-P70. A time relay guarantees the right mixing time and a pneumatic assembly make the mixer easy to empty.

  • p10


    P10 – A single speed pump

    P10 is a pump for all type of plasters, coating and grout. Suitable for jointing, injections, bolting masonry, fire proof material etc.

    Our mixer M50 is made to match our pumps P10-P20 is size and capacity.

  • p10


    P15 – 2-speed machine   

    P15 can be used for sand filler, plastic plaster, rendering plaster and almost every cement and limestone based material in-and outdoors.

    P15 is made for rough stuff on buildings site.

  • p18


    18 – The professional machine with a wide range of applications:

    P18 has machinery with a mechanical variator.

    It is well suited for works where variations of the material flow are necessary.

    P18 is excellent for thin coat plasters, texturing plaster, concrete renovation and many others.



  • p20


    P20 – Single-phase 230V pump with frequency inverter

    P20 can be used for most applications such as coating, rendering etc. It is excellent where a lower capacity is desirable such as finishing plaster, mineral paints, fine coating etc. The machine can be programmed for a wide range of speed, acceleration etc. to match yourmaterial.


  • P50


    P50/P70 – Our most well known plaster pump in two versions. 

    P50/P70 can be used for almost every kind of applications such as coating, rendering etc. and can pump cement-lime stone and gypsum based plaster, grout, concrete, self levelling material, fire-proof materials, injection material, jointing etc. with aggregate up to 3 or 8 mm. Both machines can be equipped with stator and rotor with higher capacity. P50 and P70 are equipped with a mechanical variator easy to adjust for different capacity.

  • p20


  • slang


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